Q: How much does this event cost?
A: We do this for fun – because we can! …so this event is free, Free, FREE!

Q: When is this event happening?
A: Seriously??? Come on people! 🙂 The haunting starts at 7pm on All Hallows Eve and goes until we run out of victims… err… visitors!

Q: Can I bring my toddler to this event?
A: We pride ourselves on putting on a scary show. We strongly recommend you leave children under 7 outside.

Q: Is it true people have actually died in your haunted house?
A: We didn’t do it! No one saw us do it! Nobody can prove anything!

Q: Do you accept donations? Our business thinks what you do for the community is pretty cool and we’d like to help.
A: Yes, absolutely. Sponsors’ links will appear permanently in the “sponsors” section for each year we hold this event.