Hey Cousin,

I want to create a bottomless pit effect in the haunted house. My idea is to have a slightly raised walkway around a rectangular (4′ x 2′) opening. At just the right moment we raise a prop from the opening; it’s kicking and twisting as it is hung form the neck. I have a torn-open torso we can use for the prop. I would like to have fog coming out of the pit with some colored light reflecting from it. Cannot use a fog machine inside, so we’ll need to use dry ice. Last year’s dry ice effect was pretty poor.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to research and design a fog effect using dry ice for the bottomless pit. Let me know what materials I need to buy.

Any good Halloween shops in your area? If you see any realistic props, let me know.

Uncle Jeepers
Hey Jeepers,

I’ve seen several designs for a “Bottomless Pit”; they all involve using reflecting and one-way mirrors. Is this what you have in mind, or do you just need me to figure out a way to fill the space with fog so guests can’t see the bottom?