Looking for a good scare this Halloween? Well you need not go further then our lovely coastal town. For within our city limits,residents have reported stories of a house in south Carlsbad were spirits of the dead engage the living and debauchery of all sorts can be observed by those brave citizens that dare venture near. This house of horror, with its deranged inhabitants, has put the chill in the air of Carlsbad for the last two years on October 31st.

People tell of a quiet, normal-looking home that has been transformed into a demons haven by a man called Uncle Jeepers and his demoniacal family. In this pestilent and lachrymose abode, with hidden passages, tunnels and a bottomless pit, evil flourishes and the heads of the living-dead scream their presage as they float through the dank, fear-laden air of barren hallways.

Visitors claim that they have been chased by the mad Uncle Jeepers clutching his blood-drenched chainsaw, and have felt the icy grasp of flesh-starved zombies as they reach from between the walls and from under the stairs. The floors are covered in a sweet, thick amalgam of candy and blood – remnants of those not agile enough to navigate the tangled corridors while being pursued by blade-wielding demons.

Many may find these accounts difficult to accept, so come experience Carlsbad’s house of horror and visit Uncle Jeepers’ miscreant souls this Halloween at 6994 Blue Orchid Lane from 7:00PMto 11:00PM.

WARNING: Here is a word of caution to those brave fools that shall cross into this netherworld – beware the small dark room at the end of the hall!