While breaking ground for a housing development on a peak above La Costa, work crews uncovered a mass grave, which dates back to the mid 18th century. Subsequently, workman began reporting ghostly apparitions and numerous unexplained phenomena that the locals now refer to as the Ghosts of Copperwood.

After three years of mayhem in Pavoreal on Hallow’s Eve, it is believed that Uncle Jeepers has taken his family of miscreants to this new haunted location in Carlsbad and has engaged in a little “community organizing” with the recently unearthed ghastly ghosts and flesh-starved zombies.

This Halloween evening, brave visitors to Uncle Jeepers’ haunted hostel will experience pure terror as they witness the dead emerging from their graves. While being forced to flee from deranged demons, visitors must cross an eerie bottomless pit, crawl through blood-stained tunnels and emerge into the abyss of a pitch dark laboratory filled with the tortured torsos of those unfortunate to still be alive. The house will come alive as a few lucky souls escape the crematorium, via a maze of moving walls and hallways, and exit with relief into the thick rolling fog outside. Upon their heads will fall fading ashes like vanishing ghosts – a painful reminder of friends left behind.

Come experience Carlsbad’s “House of Horrors” and visit Uncle Jeepers, Cousin, the Maestro and the rest of the family this Halloween at their new location: 3384 Corte Panorama in the Copperwood development of La Costa Oaks, from 7:00PM to midnight.