As the crisp autumn air descends upon the county, the infamous Carlsbad House of Horrors awaits the trespass of unsuspecting visitors on All Hallows Eve. Once again, the demoniacal Uncle Jeepers and his crew of deranged miscreants have summoned the Ghosts of Copperwood and aroused his flesh-starved zombies to feed on the living flesh of the foolish, the naive, and the bold.
Rumors, innuendo and myths prevail regarding the mysterious disappearances reported by neighbors and visitors subsequent to the haunting of this lachrymose abode just one year ago. Many refuse to accept that such pestilent and iniquitous behavior can exist in our modern world. Others regard the gruesome betrayals of humanity, witnessed with their own eyes, and the acrid stench of rotting corpses, revealed by their own senses, as nothing more than a magician’s parlor illusion. As hundreds are once again preparing to visit Carlsbad’s haunted hostel, the resident evil salivates in anticipation of another feast, and Uncle Jeepers patiently waits – eagerly clutching his blood-drenched chainsaw.
Come experience Carlsbad’s “House of Horrors” and visit Uncle Jeepers, Cousin, the Maestro and the rest of the family this Halloween at 3384 Corte Panorama in the Copperwood development of La Costa Oaks, from 7:00PM to midnight.