See the pictures as a suburban home is transformed into an abode fit for Uncle Jeepers and Krew.

North County’s infamous haunted hostel, the Carlsbad House of Horrors, will return from a one-year hiatus is this Halloween. All your favorite illusions and scares from previous years will be featured including the Dark Maze of Matreghon, the Severed Torso, the Incredible Shrinking Room, Juggernaut’s Prison, Nicolas Caged and the famous Bottomless Pit. Of course the demoniacal Uncle Jeepers and his crew of deranged miscreants have devised a few new contraptions in their workshop of evil that are guaranteed to make you scream.

This attraction is not for the timid or faint of heart; it will be dark, loud and shocking. As hundreds prepare to visit Carlsbad’s haunted abode, the resident evil salivates in anticipation of another feast, and Uncle Jeepers patiently waits – eagerly clutching his blood-drenched chainsaw. You have been warned!

Come experience the Carlsbad House of Horrors and visit Uncle Jeepers, Cousin, the Maestro and the rest of the family this Halloween at 3384 Corte Panorama in the Copperwood development of La Costa Oaks (Rancho Santa Fe Road, west on Avenida Soledad, turn left at Sitio Corazon, turn right at Corte Panorama), from 7:00pm to midnight.