Killing Krew

The Scare Crew

Uncle Jeepers

Joe Camaratta

Carlsbad House of Horrors’ Evil Genius


Chris Camaratta

Uncle Jeeper’s Minion


Kim Camaratta

The Maestro

Frank Camaratta

“I AM smiling”

Brothers Chan

Derek and Curtis Chan

The Bride

Felicia Mackey

“He said I was PRETTY

The Groom

Cody Mackey

Sabertooth Soothsayer

Ryan Walker

Uncle Betty

Evan Laird

Rasta Z

Tracy Fisher


Ngoc Nguyen

The Count

Dynamite Bob & GQ Frankie

The Executioner

Michelle Ketchem

Wife #II

Sharron Camaratta


Retired. . .

The Pit Boss

Ron Fisher

The Visitor

The Reporter

Nicole Camaratta

Nicholas Caged

Nick Camaratta



Aunt Bruce

That Really Tall Guy with no Head

Jonathan Bowman

M.C. The Don

Donald Nann

The Jigganaut

Eric Woodward

Construction Specialists

Master Craftsman

Ray Reifel


Paul McCarthy

License Plate Painter

John Arena

Framing and Drinking

Tom Neillo

Extremely Ferocious Weredog

The Scare Crew Rookies

Brian-Soon to be known as “F.Clown”

That boy ain’t right

Chris-Soon to be known as “Bellman Boz”